How Would You Answer These Questions

Are you set up to reach your retirement goals?

Are you protecting your retirement from 5 Major Risks?

Are you reducing or minimizing your taxes at retirement?

Is your paycheck protected from accident or illness?

Are you protecting those you care about most with life insurance?

Do you have a college or child savings plan in place?

Do you have a buy-sell agreement or succession plan for your business and is it properly funded?

Is your business protected from the loss of a key employee?

Do you have a banking alternative for opportunities?

Do you have a 401k plan or need your current one reviewed?

If you're like most people your answers were "no" or "I don't know" to some of those questions.

We can help you in all of these areas and more with a holistic or targeted financial plan.

Our approach:

Educate You on Principals and Products!

Empower You to Choose What’s Best!

Protect Your Family, Business and Assets!

Why Living Water Financial?

We help protect people in all stages of life to save their wealth and protect their loved ones or business from financial burden when they pass away.

Financial Solutions to Achieve any Goal

Personalized Service

How It Works?

Get acquainted with the process of financial planning. It takes just a few simple steps.

Quick Consult With An Agent

The first step is identifying your areas of concern or interest- identify areas of your financial life that you know or think might need attention and what goals you have. Then choose a targeted or holistic approach to address the areas you identified.

Give Us The Details

Provide us with the financial details related to the approach you chose and let us do an analysis.

Review The Analysis and Recommendations

We'll go create the financial analysis and go over our recommendations to help you reach the goals you identified.

Take Action

Work with your financial planner to implement the recommendations you feel most comfortable with. We're here to help with whatever you decide to do, now and in the future.


Derek McCord

Independent Broker | IUL Specialist | Financial Planner


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